About the Photographer

It seems like yesterday that I purchased my first SLR camera.  It was a Minolta SRT-101 that had a 35mm f/1.8 lens attached to it.  I was a starving undergraduate at the time.  Other lenses were purchased over time.  Cameras changed and lenses improved as I improved.  There was never any intention of shooting for a living.  Then I began to wonder... My three children began to ask questions about why their friends' vacation photos always looked so bad.  They questioned missing heads or underexposed faces in photos from family members.  Their questions made me realize that I enjoyed photography and took pride in my work.  My models were generally under the age of twelve and moved very quickly.  There was only a split second to catch that twinkle in the eye or the mischievous look before it was gone forever. Eventually my models grew up and moved away and I turned to wildlife photography. The similarities were astonishing; animals are always moving, quick to change and challenging to capture.  The transition from a family and portrait photographer had happened and I never looked back.

My body of work emphasizes wildlife, but now includes documentation, still life, and landscape photography. My real love is still wildlife and nature photography; whether it be micro-scale details, wide open landscapes or the sometimes dark side of the world which we inhabit. When I am not shooting on location, I work from my southern California studio.

Clients include private collectors in the United States as well as National Geographic, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Forbes Magazine and many other publications.  I am represented by both Getty images and Pure Photo for commercial sales of my images.

Please contact me if you have a project in mind and feel that I can bring your vision to life.

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